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Below you will find a list of questions that we get asked from our customers.  With decades of construction experience Ohio Steel Construction has the experience and knowledge to help out with any construction questions you may have.  
  1. Will I need a building permit for my building project?
    In most cases yes, but not always. For example, some locations do not require a permit to erect agricultural buildings. To be certain, check with your local building inspector before starting any building project. In most cases Ohio Steel Construction will handle the complete permitting process for you.
  2. What drawings will come with my building?
    You will receive a complete set of steel building drawings. The steel building drawing will be stamped by a fully licensed structural engineer. Our engineered drawings include an anchor-bolt plan with reactions. The set also includes detailed diagrams of every connection used in your building, as well as cross-section diagrams for every part of the building, including the main frames, the framing for each wall, the roof sheeting, and the wall sheeting.
  3. Will my building meet the local building codes?
    Ohio Steel Construction provides engineer stamped, certified drawings that comply with the building codes in all 50 states and many countries in the world.
  4. What purpose do the wind girts on a metal building serve?
    The wind girts on a metal building support the metal siding. In technical terms, they transfer the wind load from the siding to the vertical supports. The wind girts are needed because, even though our metal siding is very strong and durable, it is not rigid enough to span the entire vertical height of a building without buckling in high winds or in the event of an impact. The metal panels need some back-up.
  5. What materials are steel buildings fabricated from?
    Our columns and panels are all steel. Steel buildings last longer than other building products and do not have to be maintained or replaced as often, reducing waste, labor costs and adverse environmental effects. In addition, they are resistant to fire, wind and pest damage.
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